Zircon powder production equipment

XSM is a professional Grinding Mill ( Zircon powder production equipment) manufacturer, Zircon powder production equipment Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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Zircon powder production equipment
Zircon powder production equipment including crushers zircon powder , zircon flour grinding machine , magnetic separator, flotation machine , vibrating screen and other equipment. General zircon powder production equipment will use three processes , where the Shanghai XSM mechanical description for everyone to do next :
Zircon powder production equipment
A dry milling process: In the process of production process is very simple , do not need to water evaporation and also can play a role in environmental protection , reduce water pollution , and the Union can be adjusted according to the requirements of enterprises particle size , the effect is very good .

2 wet milling process: the advantage of relatively good health , but when a sudden power failure can lead to a decline in the quality of products , mainly because zircon is relatively large, it is easy to precipitate , is not easy to float on the economic efficiency of enterprises will have some impact.

3 Wet Mixed grinding process: After the process , after being configured zircon sand and dry grinding aids composite period , coarser material particles to wait up to a certain fineness , wet milling aids Hydrated process , this method is better than mixing the first two methods, but the drawback is that the increase step of grinding aids , the process complicated.

Shanghai XSM machinery is a professional production of zircon powder equipment manufacturers , zircon powder production equipment which is widely used in coastal cities, consult zircon powder production process and prices , please consult our technical staff.

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