XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher

XSM is a professional Mineral crusher ( XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher) manufacturer, XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher
XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher
Shanghai XSM machinery as a specialized manufacturer of sand making machine, now the research and development of new type fine crusher test as per customer’s requirements, equipment operation stable and reliable performance, convenient maintenance, small volume, light weight, convenient for replacement parts, mobile convenience, process simplification, simple structure, and the scale of finely equipment investment is lower than the same traditional finely equipment technology and equipment about 35%, 35% efficiency is higher than the same scale traditional craft equipment output.

Shanghai XSM machinery will play stone and stone stone while the iron is hot, the principle of combination and development and production of the new system sand machine, sand making system more efficient and lower cost. The whole bearing sand production line equipment can be used for hard limestone, granite, basalt, cobble system of a variety of materials such as sand and making artificial sand homework, suitable for water and electricity, expressway, city construction, building materials, cement, refractories, metallurgical and other industry application.
XSM supply quartz sand and rock crushing machine Crusher
The composition of the machine with advanced equipment, machine profile has an observation positions above, can look for the new fine crusher in the process of making sand machine internal workings of the above, at the back of the new type fine crusher has a larger observation positions, can open the watch at the bottom of the machine operation. This new system sand machine models import width is 800 mm, so feed size cannot be more than 800 mm, the size of the sand in the machine can be adjusted by the two sides have bolt, need adjustment, on both sides of the nut screws into balance. Sand making machine with feeding, in the operation of the machine noise is discharging effect is also very good. Generally, when customer order will require trial to determine the performance of the machine, can adjust finely machine on both sides of the nut, the operation is very simple, finely equipment discharging result is very ideal.

Fine crusher wear parts mainly has wear-resisting lining board and finely machine hammer head, Shanghai XSM machinery in the design of fully considering the coordination and function of every parts and components, according to their special did wear processing features and functions. First is finely machine hammer head, the production of fine crusher hammer is a kind of high wear-resistant hammer head, it adapt to work under harsh conditions of abrasive wear, is suitable for crushing hard, strong abrasive limestone. In China to adopt and overall refining outside the furnace pressure casting technology, makes the life of crusher hammers are average 50-100% of the high manganese steel, using more safe and reliable.

Devices in addition to the above product upgrading, the Shanghai XSM machine in do the energy conservation transformation at the same time, the maximum extent save the production cost of the sand making machine, and accordingly provide after-sales service to customers, the most commendable is to provide perfect energy-saving fine crusher Shanghai XSM machinery price offer consulting, adhering to the customer priority at the same time, try to be equipment price transparency.

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