What Tools I Need for Gold Mining process

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Gold Mining process
What Tools I Need for Gold Mining process

What Tools Do I Need for Gold Mining

The type of tools that you will need for gold mining depends a great deal on the type of mining that you have in mind. If you are just out for a day of entertainment to chance your arm in one of the free to prospect rivers, then you will need only very basic gold prospecting supplies. If on the other hand you are hoping to supplement your income, then you will want to invest in some professional gold recovery equipment.

Gold Prospecting Equipment for Sale

Many people enjoy finding gold in the weekend heading out with just the most basic gold prospecting equipment. This can be as minimal as a gold pan and a small shovel. You never know your luck. Many a sizable nugget has been found with basic equipment like this. Some people will just use a snorkel and mask and specifically target just the big nuggets – a method that works best in an area where gold is prevalent in larger chunks.

Gold Detectors

This is the next step up in gold prospecting. Rather than just poking around blindly the enthusiast prospector wants to know that there is gold in the spot they stop to pan before they dirty their shovel. A metal detector is just the tool to cover a large area without losing a lot of sweat. By walking along a river bank, beach, or the local park, a person with a detector is able to locate any gold concentrations without getting their shovel dirty. These may be rich pockets of gold bearing sand, or they maybe someone’s lost a bracelet or ring (depending on where you are prospecting).

Gold Sluice Box

The sluice box is the first step up in gold mining technology from the gold pan. Sluice boxes are also a legal gold mining tool in the areas set aside for the New Zealand public to fossick freely. A prospector is able to sift through a lot more raw material with a sluice box than just a gold pan. The sluice box quickly sheds the bulk of the gravel and waste ore, keeping only the gold and very dense sand that usually accompany the gold. Sluice boxes are not the great heavy gold mining equipment that the old timers once used. Now the sluice box is a much more efficient and lite piece of gold mining kit. Add one of our lite-weight plastic sluice boxes to your gold prospecting supplies. If you are looking to refine your sluice, concentrates and cut your panning time to a minimum considers our customer’s favourite pick the bucket sluice concentrator.

Gold Mining Trommel

These gold mining machines are definitely not for the hobby prospector. The trommel is designed for high volume sorting of raw material. The refined, or classified, product is then run through a sluice box to further refine it. Very high levels of processing can be achieved with shovels aided by a trommel. It is essentially the same gold mining technology that is used on commercial level gold mines that have been scaled down to be equipment that is suitable for a keen prospectors gold mining kit.

Gold Mining Processing Equipment Manufacturer

In the mining industries, XSM’s expert designers and fabricators of a complete line of commercial ore processing mining equipment for both alluvial and hard rock applications. Each one of our placer mining equipment designs incorporates operational features and details that only miners can appreciate. All of our placer mining equipment is rugged, commercial duty and designed for maximum efficiency, simple operation and low maintenance. And equally important, we spec your equipment to suit your site, your mine and your ore matrix. If you need help analyzing your ore or any other technical facet of your operation, feel free to contact us.

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