Used Sand Making Machine For Crushing Dolomite

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Used Sand Making Machine For Crushing Dolomite

1. The dolomite sand making machine running stable and reliable performance, process simplification, simple structure, reasonable and compact, easy to replace parts, repairs. Easy maintenance, easy to move. Variable three broken for two crushing, production capacity, hammer, long life, environmentally friendly energy to overcome the traditional sand making equipment only applies to soft rock (150MPa) material shortcomings.
Used Sand Making Machine For Crushing Dolomite
2. The new dual-purpose machine efficient Sand as gravel, sand material can be produced, can also produce stone, unique structure, high chrome hammer, unique hard rock crushing back liner, a unique inertial impact balancing device Unique Easy disassembly maintenance window. The particle size can be adjusted discharging simplify the crushing process.

3. Dual Sand gravel (sand making machine) than the equivalent traditional craft Sand size of the finished product rate 30% ~ 50% (≤ 5mm once accounted for more than 85% yield).

4. Dual-purpose machine cover gravel size than the equivalent traditional craft Sand (sand making machine) saving 50% to 70% (one motor can produce).

5. Dolomite sand making machine finished sand material were cuboidal, compression capability for high-standard building needs (needles, flakes less).
Used Sand Making Machine For Crushing Dolomite
Sand Working Principle

Material from the hopper into the crusher, the separation of the material into two parts, the middle part of the sub-feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the impeller being rapidly accelerated, accelerated up to several hundred times its neutrality acceleration, then speed of 60-70 meters per second three evenly spaced from the impeller flow channel within the projectile out, first of all with the splitter four weeks from the closing down part of the material is impact crusher, and then with the support cavity nest material impact to sink layer, being bored while layer rebound oblique impact to whirl chamber by twice that many chances impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The crushed boring and lower feed discharge port. Throughout the crushing process, the material self mutual impact crusher, not in direct contact with the metal element, but with the lining occurs bored impact, friction and grinding, which reduces the angle of pollution, prolonged mechanical wear time. Whirl chamber airflow inside ingenious self-loop. Eliminate the dust pollution.

Dolomite sand making machine performance advantages:

1. Simple structure is reasonable, since the strike breakers, the use of ultra-low-cost;

2. Unique spindle bearing installation and advanced design, so that the machine has the characteristics of heavy duty and high-speed rotation;

3. With crushing, coarse grinding function;

4. High reliability, tight security devices to ensure their personal safety equipment;

5. Smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency, high crushing efficiency;

6. By the moisture content of the material is small, the water content of up to about 8%;

7. Wearing parts, low loss, all wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials at home and abroad with quality, long service life. Small amounts of wear parts made with a special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, ease of replacement parts;

8. Vortex chamber internal airflow from the circulation, dust pollution;

9. Impeller and whirl from the lining material crushing cavity significantly reduce wear parts costs and maintenance work. In the production process, the stones can form a protective bottom, body wear, durable;

10. Installation and diverse, mobile installation;

11. Product layer cube, bulk density, iron contamination is small, do stone shaping machine.

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