Used Gypsum Powder Ultrafine Mill For Sale

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Used Gypsum Powder Ultrafine Mill For Sale

Gypsum is monoclinic mineral, the main chemical ingredient is calcium sulfate (CaSO4). Gypsum is a widely used industrial materials and building materials. Retarder for cement, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper fillers, paint fillers.
Used Gypsum Powder Ultrafine Mill For Sale
Gypsum is production of gypsum cementitious materials and gypsum building products the main raw material, but also the portland cement retarder. Gypsum by 600 ~ 800 °C calcination, the catalyst, such as adding a small amount of common ground lime, anhydrite binders can be obtained ( also known as the Guinness Book Binder ); through 900 ~ 1000 °C calcined and pulverized, you can get high-temperature calcination of gypsum. With these two articles made of gypsum, strength than gypsum products, and anhydrite binders have better insulation, high temperature calcined gypsum has good abrasion resistance and water resistance.

Gypsum powder ultrafine grinding mill is our expert on the basis of market research and statistical analysis of a large number of domestic mill use of the user and suggestions in the original patented product -TGM Super Pressure Trapezium Mill based on the innovative design of the new mill. Using domestic imitation German Flender gearbox, using bypass powder collector, bypass powder collector with dust isolation chamber, green energy, high performance !
Used Gypsum Powder Ultrafine Mill For Sale
Process and equipment working principle

Materials are continuously fed into the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly within the mill for grinding. After grinding flour from the mill plaster bulging Merry blower blowing through the analysis of the host machine for grading the top. Powder fineness meet the specifications, with the airflow into the big cyclone collector, after the powder discharge pipe is finished. Product falls conveyor, conveyor system to the next firing. Entire air duct system is a closed loop, from the large cyclone collector piping between the blower and the introduction of baghouse to remove dust in the air, and then discharged to the environment, to ensure a clean environment. After grinding system material from the particle size 0 ~ 30mm, changed from 80 to 120 mesh, in line with gypsum powder fineness requirements.

Gypsum Powder Ultrafine Mill For Sale

Gypsum desulfurization equipment including limestone mill absorber, conveyors, heat exchangers, etc., in which the grinding fineness with limestone desulfurization effect is closely related to, Shanghai XSM desulfurization systems to meet the different requirements of different fineness of limestone, vigorously developed a series of milling machines, including vertical milling machine according to customer needs with shaker, professional for the gypsum desulfurization, easy and reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance. Equipment drying capacity, grinding materials widely. Equipment and environmental protection, low noise, less dust, clean operating environment in the desulfurization gypsum fully to achieve environmental protection energy-saving requirements.

Gypsum powder ultrafine grinding Suppliers

Shanghai Xuan Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. is China’s most professional and leading manufacturer of ultra-fine grinding gypsum powder, we have 30 years experience in manufacturing ultra-fine grinding gypsum powder, gypsum equipment company Raymond mill, ball mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, rod mill, products exported to India, South Africa, the United States, the Philippines, Russia, South America and other 60 countries and regions, and customer recognition.

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