Sand Washing Machine Why use in artificial sand production line

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Sand Washing Machine Why use in artificial sand production line
In recent years, due to the serious problem of river sand mining, the Government issued a series of ban on logging policy, but sand is a big demand in the market, so they appear artificial sand. Artificial sand is also known as sand was River gravel rock and processed through the sand equipment fit for sand used in construction.

In fact, artificial sand production is not easy, requiring thick broken Jaw Crusher, and then through the sand into a broken, crushed coarse sand through sand washing machine after washing, get the sand used is consistent with the architecture.

There are a lot of people don’t understand, why you should use sand washing machine, directly used on the line following the river gravel crushing? following Shanghai XSM mechanical experts to introduce you to this reason.

Surface roughness of artificial sand granules, angular, aggregate and cement, aggregate combination of good, high mechanical forces, than of concrete using artificial sand with high natural sand in concrete strength. But the artificial sand is sand means a buildings standards manual, not only crushed sand. In the stone processing, due to the fierce collision, and the stone itself has a certain amount of soil, which contains a certain amount of powder with artificial sand and peat powder. Presence of shaly sand gradation will be seriously affected. While stone exist can bridge the gap resulted in concrete with artificial sand, water demand, and poor liquidity characteristics.

Artificial sand toner content in order to solve this problem, sand washing machine appears. Modelled on the principles of river sand through sand washing machine washing to get rid of sand inside the clay powder, so that the standards achieved with artificial sand building sand. This is the key role of sand washing machine, artificial sand production line in its indispensable.

Sand making production line as opposed to sand washing machine, whether technically or from device configuration is more complex. If you have any questions about this, you can consult Shanghai XSM machinery.

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