Sand production line process design

XSM is a professional Sand Making Machine ( Sand production line process design) manufacturer, Sand production line process design Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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Sand production line process design
Sand production line process design
Mechanism of sand production line process design is to determine investment scale, production efficiency and product cost, operation reliability is the most key link. Early construction of the mechanism of sand production line, there are some problems in technology design, have to put into production again after modification. These problems are: process design is not reasonable, the broken equipment or improper selection and process do not match, screening system does not form a complete set, transfer system is too complex, equipment overhaul inconvenience, etc. Individual companies design and manufacture large, cause excessive investment, equipment utilization rate is low, as a direct result of the late production costs are high.
Sand production line process design
Sand making machine selection and use of the reliability is the key to ensure the quality of mechanism sand. Suitable for sand broken equipment is mainly a rod mill sand making machine, hammer type and reaction type, the third create sand machine, cone, etc. The sand making machine each has its advantages and disadvantages. When equipment selection must be carefully investigating the specifications, power, must adapt to the objective environment, with a production line to pay attention to match the feed particle size, production capacity and efficiency. Equipment selection, improper often many breakdowns, low efficiency, energy consumption is too large, brings to the normal production since the end of the difficulties and problems, and even have a trial run will host a bad precedent.

Process design should adjust measures to local conditions, as far as possible use of terrain elevation difference, professional mechanism sand production line generally adopt two stage or level 3 broken, to reduce the equipment operating power and cost. Raw material crushing, sand making, screening equipment must match, and should consider convenient maintenance. In some areas more rain, rainy days can normal production should also be considered. Is the mechanism of sand production of wet process was a good method, can effectively prevent dust pollution, guarantee product quality, improve production efficiency, especially not the influence of rain weather, can improve the utilization rate of equipment. New factory process design should give priority to wet sand legal system process.

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