Rotary dryer used cement, mine,chemical,coal slime

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Rotary dryer used for cement, mine,chemical,coal slime

Brief Introduction

The rotary dryer is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of the material it is handling by bringing it into direct contact with a heated gas.
Rotary dryer used cement, mine,chemical,coal slime
structure of Single Shell Rotary Drum Dryer

The dryer is made up of a large, rotating cylindrical tube, usually supported by concrete columns or steel beams. The dryer slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the material through the dryer under gravity. Material to be dried enters the dryer, and as the dryer rotates, the material is lifted up by a series of internal fins lining the inner wall of the dryer. When the material gets high enough to roll back off the fins, it falls back down to the bottom of the dryer, passing through the hot gas stream as it falls. This gas stream can either be moving toward the discharge end from the feed end (known as co-current flow), or toward the feed end from the discharge end (known as counter-current flow). The gas stream can be made up of a mixture of air and combustion gases from a burner, in which case the dryer is called a direct heated dryer. Alternatively, the gas stream may consist of air or another (sometimes inert) gas that is preheated. When the gas stream is preheated by some means where burner combustion gases do not enter the dryer, the dryer known as an indirect-heated type. Often, indirect heated dryers are used when product contamination is a concern. In some cases, a combination of direct-indirect heated rotary dryers are also available to improve the overall efficiency.
Rotary dryer used cement, mine,chemical,coal slime
rotary dryer application

Rotary dryer is suitable to dry metallic and nonmetallic mineral, clay in cement industrial and coal slime in coal mine,etc. Rotary dryer can be widely used to dry various materials, and it is simple to be operated.

Rotary drier is widely used for drying materials in the industries of cement, mine, construction, chemical, food, compoud fertilizer, etc. Feeding and discharging unit is installed with thermocouple to control drier temperature. The temperature change of drier’s feeding end can be indicated by the thermometer to control the inner drier temperature ( generally 250-350°C)

Rotary drier working principle:

Rotary drier adopts direct flow type of heating with heat soure from firing unit. The material to be dried is pushed back immindiately by spiral board when enters the shell from feeding tank and feeding chute. Because the drier is installed in slope, material flows to the back end under gravity and rotation force, meanwhile, it is lifted by board repeatedly and thrown down accordingly, which make the material form even curtain, and exchange heat sufficiently with inner the heat flow. In the end, water in the material is dried by repeatedly scattering

Main benefits of XSM rotary dryer systems are:

1.Simple system2.Flexability in fuels used3.Year of experience with all types of dryers4.Capable of installation anywhere in world5.True understanding of process conditions6.In house engineering for custom fit applications7.Rotary Dryer with low price

Rotary dryers are slightly inclined cylindrical shells supported by 2 riding rings running on a set of rollers. The kiln has a seal at both ends to prevent leakage in or out of air and material. Rotary dryers are suitable for drying a wide range of materials because of their ability to process materials having considerable variation in size and composition. A rotary dryer uses lifters mounted in the shell to produce a cascade of particles falling through a hot gas stream. The mechanical lifting of the material allows rotary dryers to be used to dry materials ranging from fine filter cake to coarse minerals. It also helps in breaking up lumps, promoting a more uniformly dried material.

The proper design of a rotary dryer is based upon several key factors. The dryer diameter determines the gas velocity. Lifter design determines how the material will fall through the gas stream. When designed correctly, the full width of the dryer becomes a shower of material. Chains may also be used when processing very wet material to improve heat transfer. Dryers are also designed for either parallel flow or counterflow. Metso uses real-time modeling programs to simulate the lifter design for optimum performance.

rotary dryer manufacturer and price

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