River gravel sand production line cost savings

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River gravel sand production line cost savings
River gravel is a natural stone, the main chemical composition is silicon dioxide, followed by small amounts of iron oxide and small amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum, magnesium and other elements and compounds, can resist pressure and corrosion resistant characteristics of natural stone, is an ideal green building materials.

Therefore, River gravel is often used to crushed aggregate for road paving and construction, but due to the broken equipment has some abrasive silica content, especially in the use of hammer crusher, impact crusher, and other equipment when broken, crusher, liners and other wear and tear of wearing parts the most.

In view of this situation, Shanghai XSM developed a dedicated River gravel Crusher hammers, hammers made of high chromium compound cast from, combination of toughness and wear resistance as a whole, is forging hammers service life of high manganese steel hammer or 4 times, making product wear-resistant and does not break, make our products with excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, safe and reliable performance.

The hammers the advantages of low cost, long service life great meets the river gravel sand hammer replacement frequency in high demand, greatly lowers the cost of river pebbles of sand preparing production line, has a very strong economic benefits.

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