River gravel crushing machine Which is better?

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River gravel crushing machine Which is better? River gravel sand making machine for sale,gravel crusher manufacturer in china shanghai.
River gravel crushing machine Which is better?
River gravel crushing machine by definition is broken river pebbles machine , where Shanghai XSM mechanical introduce lower river pebbles , introduced under the crushing machine .

River pebbles main chemical composition is silicon dioxide , followed by small amounts of iron oxides and trace amounts of manganese, copper, aluminum , magnesium and other elements and compounds . They themselves have different colors, such as crimson by iron , copper blue by purple by manganese, silica gel yellow translucent chalcedony , emerald green color with minerals , etc. ; Because these ions dissolved dioxide pigment silicon hydrothermal different in type and content , thus showing shades , ever-changing shades of color , so that river pebbles showing black, white, yellow, red , dark green, schungite other colors . Near the Haihe river pebbles mostly rely on river pebbles gathered black sand , pebbles should account for more than half of the volume , because of its wide distribution , the more common , and appearance, so the ideal garden , road , construction of stone selection.
River gravel crushing machine Which is better?
Since we know that the use of river gravel , it focuses on the next crushing machine, crushing machine appearance Union can be divided into two categories: vertical and horizontal Crusher crushing machine , according to the principle can be divided into four categories: Hammer Crusher , impact Crusher , roll Crusher , coarse grinding machine . Crushing machine for the continuous operation of devices, at work , driven by the motor , the high-speed rotation of the rotor , the material broken into the first crushing chamber , with the hammer on the rotor impact crusher , crushing chamber and then smash into the second , and finally the the discharge port.

Crusher Structure: 1 , under cabinet 2 , square steel 3 , grate assembly 4 , grate 5 , 6 hammer , hammer 7 , 8 side linings , drum 9, the second crushing chamber 10 , the hammer bolts 11 , the top liner 12, the first crushing chamber components.

River gravel crushing machine Which is better? Shanghai XSM machinery is a professional river gravel crushing machine manufacturers , a large river gravel crushing machine, a small river gravel crushing machine , medium river gravel crushing machine model is complete .

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