Phosphate beneficiation methods

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Phosphate beneficiation methods
Although a large amount of resources of phosphate , but phosphate rock with an average grade of only 16.95% , greater than 30% of high-grade ore accounted for only 6.75% , a large number of low-grade phosphate rock is especially difficult to choose the phosphate rock reserves and more . Low-grade phosphate rock can not be directly used for wet phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizer industry , the need for mineral processing, beneficiation of phosphate as a professional expert , Shanghai XSM mechanical beneficiation of phosphate rock phosphate beneficiation methods _ devices on the market for an effective promotion, here, Shanghai XSM mechanical beneficiation Ministry to introduce two kinds of commonly used methods :
Phosphate beneficiation methods
First, the mechanical processing: the use of phosphate rock Shanghai XSM mechanical mill stone into the phosphate rock phosphate , acidic soil and fertilizer use directly as . General requirements for the degree of ore milled 100 mesh more than 90 percent , requiring ore containing P2O5 10% ~ 20%, no special requirements for other impurities .

Second, the use of flotation : flotation include direct flotation, anti- flotation , anti – n ( n – trans ) flotation and double reverse flotation process . Production practices used more direct and reverse flotation process flotation process . Direct flotation process using an effective inhibitor of phosphate rock gangue minerals , with the collector material enriched in the phosphate rock flotation foam . The beneficiation process has been successfully applied to magmatic apatite and sedimentary-metamorphic rock phosphate ore beneficiation of industrial production. Reverse flotation process is mainly used for the separation of phosphate material and dolomite , inorganic acid as a pH adjusting agent pulp in acid medium using fatty collector surfaced dolomite, phosphate material enriched in the trough inside . Its biggest advantage is achieved at room temperature flotation tank coarse granularity favor products after processing .

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