Impact crusher used in the process of stone production line

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Impact crusher used in the process of stone production line
Stone production line process in the use of impact crusher

Stone production line , the first step of the supply from the feeder to the jaw crusher , then immediately impact crusher, jaw crusher where the role played by the bulk material is then broken into the impact crusher machine, the particles reach between 20-60 customer needs , the use of high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer on , into the crushing chamber to generate high-speed impact and crushing the material and make the crushed materials along tangential direction thrown to the other side of the high-speed crushing cavity back plate , was again broken, and then from the back plate to plate hammer rebound , continue to repeat the process.
Impact crusher used in the process of stone production line
Whether in the sand production line , stone production line , our aim is to ensure that impact crusher , jaw crusher normal continuous operation , in order to extend the life of the crusher , we use the process must be to impact crusher periodic maintenance and repair , which is indispensable step . Must impact crusher crusher I plant a variety of equipment in the factory have done a long period of idling to reduce in the future course of failure, our customers in new machines put into operation , the production run is completed after class conduct a comprehensive examination, each component intensify , belt drive is normal, wear liner has a full understanding of cyclical timing of the inspection.

In purchasing impact crusher , we have to understand what is vulnerable, because the process of crushing bulk materials will wear liner, back plate , the replacement process must follow the principles , the first open shelves, shelves and rear Remove coupling bolts in the cabinet , and then use a wrench to hex head portion of the clamshell device , then slowly open shelves . At the same time , the use of suspension means suspended above the racks back frame . Repeat the above process , that is, after closing the shelves. Back-breaking hammer to a certain degree of wear should be timely adjusted or replaced to avoid damage to other parts of the fasteners and cause greater losses.

Jaw crusher , impact crusher plays an important role in the stone crushing production line , before the problem does not appear, be sure to check the details , can not believe the effect , so runs the risk of causing operation does not work .

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