How to configure a reasonable stone production line?

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How to configure a reasonable stone production line?
How to configure a reasonable stone production line?
With the rapid development of China’s high-speed railway, subway, highway, etc., the amount of sand and gravel production line is growing, the state of gravel increasingly high quality requirements, technical standards and the basic standards in developed countries. This requires our country’s stone production technology has reached a higher level, to produce more high-quality sand and gravel aggregate.

Many gravel product quality is relatively poor, affecting the quality of the concrete. Low quality sand and gravel, largely led to poor quality concrete serious threat to the safety of the construction of the building.

After gravel aggregates production process for blasting crushing jaw crusher after initial crushing, and then select the crusher or cone crusher for crushing processed according to the fineness of moderate hardness and yield the required stone, and finally through the sand machine processed into standard sand and gravel particles. Sand and gravel products for the clean-up is also very important, high-standard engineering works like bridges must also be good for sand and gravel aggregate washing and drying. Reasonable stone production line not only to meet these, do different sand production line, depending on the actual situation, so as to better ensure the quality, but also to ensure production according to the situation.

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