How to configure 100 tons per hour of small limestone production line

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How to configure 100 tons per hour of small limestone production line
In Guizhou, Sichuan, Fujian and other southern regions of China, limestone sand production line mainly dominated by small production line. Most limestone line configuration process in these areas varies, for example + fine Jaw Crusher jaw broken; of Jaw Crusher + of inversed impact crusher sand maker +; broken jaw + cone Crusher sand maker + and so on. Different line configurations in the late settlement of investment costs, maintenance costs, sand also has numerous differences in product quality.

When it resolves how to configure producing 100 tons of small limestone production line

As far as my only company specializing in stone manufacturing and production equipment combined Shanghai XSM mining equipment co gravel project description: when producing 100 tons of river gravel, sand, limestone sand production line, production line Bluestone, granite sand production and sand production line due to its material properties of broken sandstone production line, production process, equipment configuration is different.

First, the Jaw Crusher + counterattack Crusher sand maker +. This production is by far the most common production techniques to produce aggregate product grain shape. But traditional back broken from the overall performance to wear parts for lagging behind the technology, makes counter broken hammer wear is very serious, to Quarry huge cost. Shanghai XSM mining equipment hard rock counterattack breaking performance, use high-chromium plate Hammer Accessories dives to use life expectancy.

Second, fine Jaw Crusher + jaw broken. The production technology is not perfect and lacks scientific guidance, needle makes production out of sand and gravel products with high content of sand and significant deterioration in the quality of products, and does not meet national standards of machine-made sand used in construction.

Third, the broken jaw + cone Crusher sand maker +. This configuration is best suited to serve as production technology and equipment production line of pebbles and sand, River gravel sand production line. Experiments show that this simple line configuration, application, production, produced sand meet the high-grade construction standards, most economic broken sandstone production line on the market today.

Shanghai XSM engaged in stone production and processing for 20 years, drawn from years of experience, such as limestone gravel line configuration feature, as well as a variety of advantages and disadvantages of the configuration process, and can be personalized according to user’s demand thin provisioning, not only can guarantee the production, and significant cost savings for users, become the first choice for many stone production line manufacturers.

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