How to choose the right stone production line equipment

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stone production line equipment
Stone production line equipment selection to meet the needs of the construction site , stone grading , flakiness content and other great influence here , Shanghai XSM machinery to give a summary of stone production line based on the use of nuclear power plant equipment in the secondary crushing .

When the compressive strength of the rock is more than 150Mpa, stone production line equipment commonly used secondary crushing process . For the use of two crushing process . Secondary crushing process is generally the main equipment used are : feeder → a break ( usually jaw crusher ) → two broken ( can crusher , cone crusher, impact crusher ) → → shaker finished stones , separated by a belt conveyor transport materials.
stone production line equipment
A jaw crusher usually broken machines, which use both compression and bending jaw plate material , coarse crushing various hardness materials broken machinery . Advantages: simple structure , reliable, lighter weight, low price, small size, low height configuration, large feed size , nesting mouth open for easy to adjust , easy maintenance, operating costs and economic characteristics . Cons: lining wear , higher product flakiness content , generally need to configure feeding equipment .

Secondary crushing machinery is often used crusher , cone crusher or impact crusher . Crusher use impact energy to crush a material crushing machinery, adjust the gap between the rotor frame and back up to change the material shape of the particle size and material purposes . Pros: Small size , simple structure, large crushing ratio ( up to 40 ) , the production capacity of large , uniform particle size , and the role of selective gravel and high yield. Cons: hammer and counterattack plate special easy to wear, especially in hard rock crushing , abrasion is more serious , need frequent replacement ; not broken plastic and viscous materials.

Correct choice of stone into production line equipment , not only to meet the actual needs of production, but also to meet the requirements of aggregate particle size gradation and flakiness content requirements , thereby increasing productivity , saving construction costs, for significant production of construction site .

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