Fine jaw crusher in sand production line

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Fine jaw crusher in sand production line
Fine jaw crusher in sand production line

During the sand production line, jaw crusher is the third process fine, fine jaw crusher, crushing the stone into the vibrating sieve sieve to separate the two stones, meet the sand making machine feed particle size stones into the mechanism of sand sand, another part of the expected return into fine broken again, the fineness of jaw crusher broken out can be up to 10 mm – 105 mm, according to the customer’s demand.
Fine jaw crusher in sand production line
Finely to Jane pendulum jaw crusher, compound pendulum jaw crusher made great improvement, with a number of moving jaw and a couple of eccentric shaft structure, running through every move jaw crushing material respectively, so as to reduce the load of the machine, and easy to start, a smooth operation, low energy consumption.

Type at present China has the compound pendulum jaw crusher and fine Jane pendulum jaw crusher, fine type with prototype crusher, its working principle is to increase the length of the feeding port, the broken ratio can reach 5 ~ 8. Modification function of broken broken does not exceed 250 mpa compressive strength of ore and rock, jaw crusher is mainly used for fine hardness larger stone crushing, such as granite, basalt, cobble and secondary crushing.

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