Cobblestone Sand Making Machine For Sale In China

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Cobblestone Sand Making Machine For Sale In China.

Cobblestone Sand Making Machine
Cobblestone Sand Making Machine For Sale In China
With the gradually reduction of natural sandstone resource, good quality sandstone resource gradually tends to artificial production. It is a tendency, also a necessity. Living environment with green environmental protection requires people take more consideration to high efficient utilize resource for a sustainable society. In fact, source of material for making sand is very wide, all kinds of ore, decomposed rock, cobblestone in river way, mine tailings, and mineral slag are all can be used as source. As soon as the cobblestone sand making machine came in to market, it became the leading product which has always been widely sold in the market.
Cobblestone Sand Making Machine For Sale In China
1. Interior air current in eddy chamber of cobblestone is self-circulation, so as to make less dust pollution.

2. Unique bearing set up, and advanced principal axis enables the machine with characteristics of heavy load, and high rotary speed.

3. Structure is simple and rational, self-impact crushing, extra-low operating cos

4. High reliability, rigorous security ensurance appliance, guarantee equipment and human safety

5. Sanding making machine has functions of fine crushing, and rough grinding.

Installation of Sand Making Machine:

1、Sand making machine is installed on concrete foundation or steel structure foundation, the foundations should bearing 4 times whole machine weight.

2、According to different crushing sites, the machine is installed in the plant or under the open sky. When installed, it should be leveled, so as to make principal axis perpendicular to horizontal plane.

3、Crane equipment should be set over sand making machine, capacity of crane equipment is considered on the basis of weight of biggest piece by crusher. There also should be room for crane, appropriate room should b reserved on the top of sand making machine, so as to prepared for overhauling.

Debugging of Sand Making Machine:

Before cobblestone sand making machine is delivered, the machine have been operated with no-load by manufacturers to check all parts are normal. Nonetheless, after installation in sand making site is available, it still needs thorough examination.

1、Check lubricating pipe is connected tightly, machine should get another refuel before test run

2、Check connection of all components, which should be steady and reliable. Check carefully if there is any foreign matter, if so, it should be removed immediately.

3、Check electric motor wiring is correct, voltage is normal (380V±5%).

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