China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding

XSM is a professional Grinding Mill ( China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding) manufacturer, China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding

Cement Introduction

Cement in powder form can be changed from plasticity paste to hard stone-like body and can become a total cemented granular materials through physical and chemical processes after being mixed with water. So cement is a good mineral binder. Cement can be not only hardened in the air, but also better hardened in the water in which it will maintain and develop strength. So cement is kind of cementitious material which will be of stronger hardness in water. Cement mill is used for cement grinding. Cement crusher is applied for cement crushing. In cement production line you need to choose suitable raw material mill and cement crusher.
China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding
Cement production process

The whole production process of cement is generally as follows:Homogenizing– preparation of raw material — raw material homogenization — preheat decomposition — the burning of cement clinker — cement equipment (ball mill or vertical roller mill) — cement packaging.

Brief Overview of Cement Making Line

The cement manufacturing process consists of raw material grinding, blending, pre-calcining, clinker burning and cement grinding. In short, limestone and other materials containing calcium, silicon, aluminum and iron oxides are crushed and ground into a raw meal. This raw meal is blended and then heated in the pre-heating system (cyclones) to start the dissociation of calcium carbonate to oxide. The meal goes further into the kiln for heating and reaction between calcium oxide and other elements to form calcium silicates and aluminates at t a temperature up to 1450 cent degree: so called clinker burning. The cyclone system is attached to the rotary kiln by a riser duct. Secondary fuel is fed to the riser duct, the main fuel mixture, coal/petcock, fires the kiln. Reaction products leave the kiln as a nodular material called clinker. The clinker will be underground with gypsum and other materials to cement.

The cement making plant we use in this whole production line includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cement ball mill, lifer, preheating system, cement rotary kiln and packing machine and so on. All the Cement equipment in this line can be provided by our factory. We have cement production line experts to design specific solutions for your preference.

After shipping the cement machinery to destination, if you need any help in the installation of all the cement plant, we can send our engineers to help to settle the whole line!
China cement mill used for the dry and wet grinding
cement mill

Cement mill is one of the main cement making machines and is the vital equipment for re-grinding the materials after they are coarsely crushed and it plays a crucial role in the cement production line and cement making production flow.

China cement mill is widely used for the dry and wet grinding of all kinds of ores and other grindable materials in the production industries of cement, silicate product, new type of building material, refractory, fertilizer and glass ceramics.

Operational Principle of Cement Mill

When the cylinder of the grinding mill rotates driven by the transmission gear, under the inertial centrifugal force, the grinding media will stick onto the lining board on the internal wall of the cylinder of the grinding mill and rotate together with the cylinder. The grinding media are brought to a certain height, and then fall down under the gravity, and during this process, the grinding media will crush the materials inside the cylinder, and at the same time the grinding media repeatedly move up and down inside the rotating grinding mill and will have sliding and rolling movement, so that the grinding media, the lining board and the materials to be ground will grind with each other, so that the materials are crushed to a finer granularity.

Ball Mill for Cement Plant

Ball mills are used primary for single stage fine grinding. It is the key equipment that repulverizes the material after it is crushed, which is widely used in the manufacture industries, such as cement, silicate, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer and can be used for the dry and wet pulverization for all kinds of ores and other grindable materials.Classification of the ball mill for cement:(1) Ordinary cement ball mill: mostly for ordinary cement mill circuit grinding system, which is characterized by high grinding efficiency, big mill yield, lower power consumption, especially in grinding slag cement, the performance is better. General mill output can be increased 15-20%, about 10% lower power consumption, in addition, reduce product temperature 20-40 ℃, product fineness is also easy to adjust.(2) High-yielding fine cement ball mill: high yield cement mill is mainly used for open circuit grinding system. Its characteristics are: the process is simple, low investment, the plant covers less area; the mill structure using advanced special compartment within the separator device, the second chamber increased an activation device, a dedicated grate board at the discharge of the mill, to minimize the size of the grinding material in grinding chamber, greatly improve the grinding efficiency and achieve high output, low energy consumption purpose.

Vertical Roller Mills for cement

Traditionally, plants used ball mills to grind clinker and gypsum into cement. The result: the majority (60%) of finish grinding in the world is still performed using the ubiquitous ball mill. Ball mills are cylindrical steel shells with steel liners. These rotating drums contain grinding media that tumble inside the cylinder. The grinding balls cascade and tumble onto the clinker and gypsum to produce cement. Almost all ball mills use a form of closed circuit grinding that returns material that is too coarse back to the ball mill inlet while material fine enough to meet product requirements is collected. The separator or classifier determines which particles will be returned and which particles are sufficiently fine. With an effort to increase production, ball mill physical size has increased almost to the physical limitation dictated by the gas velocities and accompanying pressures necessary for the process. Ball mills may not be the most efficient means of size reduction but their reputation for product consistency and their simplicity of operation have made them an historic plant favorite.

Since the 1980’s, cement plants are increasingly looking to vertical roller mill technology for their finish grinding needs. Vertical roller mills present a compact and efficient grinding method. Clinker and gypsum is ground on a rotating table that passes under large rollers. Material is forced off the table by centrifugal force, where it is then swept up into an airstream to a classifier immediately above. Just as with a ball mill, material that is too coarse is returned to the table for additional grinding while material that is fine enough is collected as product. The compact design of a vertical roller mill allows it to dry, grind, and classify, all within one piece of equipment and all in a relatively compact space. Vertical roller mill technology allows: (1) power consumption savings; (2) consistent product quality and (3) process simplification.

cement mill price manufactured By XSM

XSM Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd has extensive experience on clinker industry, and has several cement factories in India, and other countries.Shanghai XSM is specialized in providing complete set of cement machinery and equipment:vertical cement mill,cement grinding mill and have great comprehensive ability to provide best quality services on turn-key basis with technology design, civil construction, complete plant, erection and trial test, commissioning for rotary kiln cement factories. XSM provides lime stone crushers such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer mill and ball mills for this cement factory.

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