Cheap To Buy Perfect Stone Crushing Plant From China

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Featurers of stone crushing plant

Supply Perfect Stone Crushing Plant from China,Super high-manganese hammer head, its material of Mn13/Mn18, its life is 5-8 times of common forging hammer. This is especially used to all kinds of hammer crusher of cement plant, rock-crushing plant, coal gangue processing plant and brick and tile factory. This avoids and solves those defects of hammer wear quickly, replace frequently, time-consuming and laborious. It can be manufactured at the request of clients.
Cheap To Buy Perfect Stone Crushing Plant From China
It is used for sand rock crushing, broken grog material of cement works; the broken of cobble and mineral ore of non-ferrous and other material of poor easy-destructive.

Advantages of stone crushing plant
Cheap To Buy Perfect Stone Crushing Plant From China
1) Perfect and technical design. Hammer designing plays a significant role in crusher efficiency. The hammers do most

of the work in most types of crusher. Our hammer is tailor design for each customer as per technical drawing.

2) Science design of the hammer’s center of gravity. The center of gravity must be controlled to utilize the full mass of the

hammer against the feeds. Our products had been tested by many site testing. They are welcome among the world.

3) Edge configuration of the hammer head. The edges of each hammer had specially treat to get the maximum serving life

4) Heat treating: Hammer hardness is most essential factor for the hammers’ serving life. Our hammer heat treatment are quenching, tempering,anneal.

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