Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment

XSM is a professional Mineral crusher ( Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment) manufacturer, Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment
Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment
In order to achieve the purpose of calcium carbide fine, we two jaw broken and a third-stage crushing process configuration, Crusher used my company’s heavy-duty horizontal high efficiency crusher for carbide design. Broken carbide, we must solve the “iron” and “seal” and “crushing” the issues, and the broken equipment repair and maintenance fast and easy.

We have adopted a rough break, three-stage crushing process second and fine break. Third-grade carbide is broken by design of the PX series horizontal type high efficiency Crusher proved its crushing capacity than hammer break (vertical shaft hammer Crusher) is excellent. This is due to the PX series of heavy horizontal high efficiency Crusher not only able to provide a large area of strike breaking, can achieve near-vertical impact crusher and grinding it with the extraction plate broken. Variety of breaking patterns form a powerful crushing capacity, the return rate is greatly reduced, fine reaches a higher level.
Calcium carbide process design of crushing equipment
In order to meet domestic of acetylene production by dry method for general use, and the intensification of production design, XSM studies abroad advanced equipment and technology in the dry process, access to a historic breakthrough. DS series Super carbide Crusher was successfully developed, single crushing capacity of 50~100 tons/hour (3mm) the highest domestic level, will rewrite the domestic development of acetylene process. DS series carbide Crusher technology has reached the world advanced level for domestic dry acetylene process maturity and has laid a solid foundation for rapid development.

In research and development of advanced equipment on the basis of our continuing study of acetylene production by dry method design and configuration. With an annual output of 400,000 tons of PVC items, for example, crushing equipment can be reduced to one of the original three-one-fifth (only use 8 crushers, open). So can significantly reduce the number of equipment and civil engineering, the overall production of simple and compact, it’s going to be a historic breakthrough. Meanwhile, the process and device which has the function of “iron”, wear-resistant, completely sealed and maintenance less advantages, significantly improved the reliability and stability of the whole process.

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