Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment

XSM is a professional Mining Process Equipment ( Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment) manufacturer, Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment
Bauxite Washing Plant For Sale,Bauxite Washing Plant spare parts and technology

Bauxite ore washing plant used in the finally step bauxite production line, washing bauxite is easy:generally be removed by washing a lot of silica and wet sieving or classification methods to improve the ore grade or grade, bauxite mining equipment has been introduced, here focus on the bauxite washing machine spare parts and technology.

Bauxite Washing Plant spare parts

Bauxite washing plant machine spare parts is frequent contact to material,Therefore need to focus on routine maintenance and periodic replacement parts.
Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment
Bauxite Washing Plant technology

First, the bauxite ore finely ground to 95% passing 200 mesh sieve; positive flotation separation or enrichment of boehmite. Bauxite Washing Plant Equipment for sale by XSM. The flotation tailings then further pulverized to 95% passing 325 mesh sieve; reverse flotation to remove iron and titanium minerals. If one of the AL2O3 content of about 73% of the concentrate and then pulverized to 325 mesh anti-flotation by its content of TiO2 and Fe2O3, respectively, can be reduced to 2% and 1% or less. Besides using the flotation method can also be selected AL2O3 content of 73% purity bauxite. However, to improve its purity by flotation, high raw material costs.

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