Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon

XSM is a professional Mining Process Equipment ( Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon) manufacturer, Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon Manufacturing from XSM,and in many places a practical application.

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Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon
Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon

In Cameroon, bauxite mining equipment for sale very well,This set of bauxite mining machinery consists of hammer crusher , bucket elevator , storage hopper, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding hosts , frequency classifier, double cyclone powder collector , pulse dust removal system , high pressure blower, air compressor , electrical control system .
Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon
Bauxite mining equipment working principleBauxite mill spindle drive motor through reducer rotating turntable and layers , turntable driven by dozens of studs inside the ring -roll rolling mill ring road and rotated . Bulk material through the crusher into small particles from the elevator into the storage silo , electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly to the material on the turntable in the middle , to the periphery of bulk materials under the action of centrifugal force, and fall the pulverizing mill raceway ring is ring roller stamping, roll grinding , grinding , materials are crushed after the first layer into the second layer and the third layer , the suction effect of high pressure centrifugal fan outside air sucked into the machine, and after the third layer of coarse crushed the powder with selected . Bauxite Mining Equipment supplier in china. The separator cochlear flow generated by the rotation of the worm so coarse particulate material down heavy grinding, powder into the air, cyclone powder collector by the lower part of the discharge valve discharge is finished , but with a small amount of fine dust after pulse dust collector airflow is discharged through the fan and purification muffler .Bauxite mining equipment advantages

low investment cost . In the same fineness , the investment is less than the jet mill , low cost, short recovery period .flour rate. Under the same product fineness and power consumption than jet mill and agitation mill high yield above 45 %. Consumable low loss .Bauxite Mining Equipment For Sale In Cameroon. All wearing parts are made ​​of high quality wear-resistant materials at home and abroad , wearing parts than ordinary mill equipment and long service life , and can be more than one year .grinding chamber safe and reliable operation . The three-ring ultrafine grinding mill , compared with ordinary grinding chamber without rolling , no screws, bearings and other so there is no problem wearing seals to avoid screw loosening and destruction machine problems.

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