Basalt crushing process solutions

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Basalt crushing process solutions
Life crusher wear parts is determined based on the hardness of the material , such as basalt higher than silicon , is a very hard stone, crusher wear parts requirements are relatively high.

Basalt crusher wear relatively large, to consider when buying a good pre- and post- investment costs and production costs , requiring crusher wear parts relatively hard material , the relative price will be high .

In such stone configuration, the first broken by using a pyramid scheme ( two-stage jaw broken ) , stone grain type if more stringent requirements , and then in the back plus a back-breaking shaping . Program are as follows :
Basalt crushing process solutions
Feeding trough – Feeder – coarse jaw crusher – fine jaw crusher – impact crusher ( shaper ) – shaker – Finished

Although the use of such programs coarse jaw broken , fine jaw broken , back-breaking three-stage crushing , although the quantity and price of equipment investment more often, but with this crushing , post- production cost of inputs is very small, if the pre- manufacturers want to save capital investment , the general configuration is :

Feeder – coarse jaw crusher – impact crusher – shaker.

This configuration is a fine program less broken jaw , relatively speaking, the cost savings , but to reach the sets of production lines and discharge the same effect, we must increase the pressure on the back-breaking , back-breaking action with a double , while broken side shaping, namely the large rocks broken into small stones , pebbles were again shaping produce high-quality stones , gravel mechanical properties of this relatively strong , while the market price of these stones is relatively high . Will increase the degree of wear of back-breaking , back-breaking back board material using a high ferrochrome , the cost is very high. For customers, that is not a small investment. Times more frequent replacement of wearing parts , want to compare with the previous program , although relatively small initial investment , but the latter is a bottomless pit . So the clerk in the production line is configured to the customer when introduced to a lot of the customer’s point of view .

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