Application Of Argentite ore Dressing Plant In Chile

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Argentite ore Dressing Plant In Chile
Application Of Argentite ore Dressing Plant In Chile
Argentite was primarily treated as a mineral belonging to the galena group, cubic silver sulfide. Argentite forms an important ore of silver. It occasionally found as uneven cubes and octahedral, but more often as dendrite or earthy masses, with a blackish lead-grey color and metallic luster. The Argentite mineral is perfectly sessile and has a shining streak caused by its physic characters. Argentite is chiefly fond in Canada, England, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Mexico, America, etc.

Argentite Mining Machines
Application Of Argentite ore Dressing Plant In Chile
The argentite Mohs hardness is 2.5, it is quite soft. As a result, the argentite ore crusher adopt , and in the argentite crushing plant and adopt , MTW grinding mill, MTW grinding mill, hammer mill and LM series argentite ore milling machine in argentite grinding plant. In argentite ore dressing plant contain spiral classifier, concentrator table, flotation machines, filter, concentrator and dryer.

To one complete argentite ore beneficiation production line, it may contain many of the machines. The final equipments configuration depends the practical demands and the design.

Argentite Ore Beneficiation Flow

When blast or digged out from the underground or from the mountain, the excavator carry the argentite to the argentite crushing site and feed dump the raw argentite mining to the hopper. Then the vibrating feeder under the hopper feed the raw material to the argentite ore crushers. Usually the crushed aggregates size is 0~10mm when the argentite discharged from the argentite crushers and classified by the vibrating screens. The argentite grinding machines (such as the ball mill) will grind the argentite aggregates to sand size or smaller particles. After classified and cleaned by the spiral classifiers, the particles will be fed to the argentite flotation machines or concentrator table. Then the concentrator, filter and dryer will thicken and .dry the particle and high purity available mineral is produced. In the beneficiation process, dense separation is usually adopting one time concentrating process and the producer will sell it after that for low production cost.

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